UN Youth Romania Moot Courts / 5-7 decembrie 2014, București

The UN Youth Association of Romania

Moot Courts
on EU law, international law and human rights law
the 5th Edition

Faculty of Law
University of Bucharest
5th-7th of December 2014

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The UN Youth Association of Romania has the honor to present this year’s Moot Courts project which will take place in Bucharest. Organised at the beginning of every December , its purpouse is to give the participants the chance of putting in practice all their knowledge regarding EU law, international law or human rights law by participating in this project which is focused on the simulation of juridical procedure in front of three of the main international courts of justice: The Court of Justice of the European Union, The European Court of Human Rights and The International Court of Justice.

Our country lacks of simulations of international courts, that stimulates the interest of the young people to promote the Rule of Law among the Romanian youth, the Romanian society and international community, such as Moot Courts.
We encourage young people to get involve in actions that promote freedom and peace, democracy, the rule of law and to encourage them to participate in a continuous dialog at the national and international level as well as the exchange between cultures and religions.
Throughout this project that simulate justice at an international level, we give young skilled students the opportunity to be able to feel the logic of an lawyer’s arguments, or the power of an judge’s ruling regarding the most important matters between the states, or matters regarding human rights, or individuals that are seeking justice abroad, because they had been disappointed by the national juridical system.

The young people are the starting point of improving the society by bringing a brand new democratic thinking that will be based on peace, freedom and justice. It is important to bring people together to find out that they share the same ideas, values and dreams. They will be motivated to encourage their peers to join them and guarantee the equality before the law, fundamental freedoms and human rights, and they will make the evolution process more equitable and efficiently.

Our organization has the main purpose to promote and encourage the UN values and in order to achieve this goal, organizes periodical seminars and conferences and workshops and we continued this project in the most important cities of Romania, offering in this way the opportunity for a larger number of law students interested in international law, international human rights and minority rights, democracy and fight against corruption, and rule of law issues that our generation has to face, to get involve in debates and make a difference in the future.
With this particular project we reached at 4th edition in 2013, and this will be the 5th edition, so we benefit of the necessary experience in organizing this kind of simulations.

The UN Youth Association of Romania benefits from both, national and international promotion and recruting, taking into consideration the fact that we have had participants and guests from all over the world, not only form Europe, but also from Asia, Africa and even from America.

This project aims for the students to:
1. Apply the knowledge acquired during classes
2. Get familiar to the court procedures
3. Improve their knowledge of international law, EU law, respectively human rights law
4. Exercise legal English skills
5. Exercise and improve their public speaking abilities
6. Exercise and improve rethoric , argumenting abilities and pleading techniques
7. Get in contact with the multicultural environment in which diversity and tolerance are promoted
8. Aquire teamwork abilities.


The International  Court of Justice

Founded in 1945 is the most  important judicary organ of the United Nations with two main functions: solving disputes submitted to it by states and , as well, give legal advice on questions addressed by authorized organs.

For the simulation of the trial held in this court,the proceedings will take place in English. If interested, registrations are opened for state representatives and gouvernment agents (in teams of two persons) and three judges.

There is a requirement regarding the background studies : all the participants must study or have studied International Relations or International Public Law.

The Court of Justice of the European Union

With importance in three major areas: interpreting the European Union legislation at the request of member states ,ensuring that the state parties apply in a rightful  manner the treaty provisions that they have  agreed and reviewing the legality of the acts of  EU institutions, the European Court of Justice is the highest level court within the Union.

The simulation of this trial will take place in Romanian. The participants will have the chance to apply for one of this positions :3 judges and two parties (each team having two members) and they will have the status of gouvernment agents or  Commission representatives.

Fore those hwo want to participate, they must have studied European Union Law.

European Court of Human Rights

Created for the systematization of the procedure of complaints regarding human rights (when a contracting state has breached human rights provisions set out by the European Convention on Human Rights and additional Protocol). The Court (French: Cour européenne des droits de l’homme) can be notified by any person who is under the protection of the state that has ratified the Convention above-mentioned whenever their rights are violated.

The proceedings for this simulation are held in English and the participants will apply for position of:  judge (three persons) and four parties.

The students who participate in this simulation of European Court of Human Rights need to study or must have studied International Relations, Law, Political Sciences or have another level of Human Rights knowledge.


This year, we are expecting 40 students to participate. They will have the status of gouvernment agents/lawyers or judges, having to plead or judge in each court, correspondently.

The event will take place between the 5th and 7th of December 2014 in Bucharest, Romania.

In order to help the participants to prepare their court simulations, a public speaking workshop will be held, immediately after the opening ceremony.

At the same time, to improve the participant’s abilities, a Court Coordinator will assess  their performance and will provide them a feedback.

Deadline: 26th of November

In order to register to the UN Youth Moot Courts 2014, you have to fill in the registration form and send it along with the motivation latter to the following e-mail address: mootcourts@unyouth.ro.

Participation fees:
20 EUR (without accommodation)
60 EUR (with accommodation)

Selection waves:
The selection of participants will take place on a weekly basis. The participants will then have one week to pay the participation fee, after having received the confirmation e-mail.

The participation fee must be paid in the following bank account:
BANK: BCR – Banca Comerciala Romana S.A.
IBAN: RO53RNCB0081121250410003
Mention: Participation Fee – Moot Courts 2014 – Participant’s full name

e-mail: mootcourts@unyouth.ro
tel: 0213104264