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Understanding Romanian Mentality / 25 aprilie 2015, București

Casa Paleologu
organizează cursul

Understanding Romanian Mentality

25 aprilie 2015
ora 11:00

Course designed for foreigners residing in Romania and for whom understanding Romanian mentality is either a professional need or a “matter of survival”. The reflection on the so-called “specific naţional” has a long tradition in Romanian intellectual history (Rădulescu-Motru, Drăghicescu, Blaga) and the works of the great classics of Romanian culture are often interpreted as expression of a national pattern (for example Caragiale and Romanian politics). This course focuses on some motives of surprise, wonder or puzzlement in daily Romanian life (traffic, urbanism, bureaucracy, hospitality, corruption, etc.) and tries to put them in a broader context. Several recent publications (Vasile Dem. Zamfirescu, Nevroză balcanică; Lucian Boia, De ce este România altfel?; Theodor Paleologu, „Metehne româneşti”; Dorin Bodea, Românii, un viitor previzibil?) contribute to understanding Romanian mentality from the point of view of psychoanalysis, history, political philosophy, and sociology.

The lecture and discussions are held in English.

Lector – Theodor Paleologu

Taxa de participare: 400 lei

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