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2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum / February 11, 2016, Bucharest

Asociația ”Centre for Advanced Research in Management and Applied Ethics organizes

2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum

1st Edition | February 11, 2016

 Unicredit Bank Romania HQ, 1F Expozitiei Boulevard

A Unique Event
It is the 1st regular event dedicated to Ethics & Compliance that takes place in Romania. It aims to bring together professionals and companies to disseminate the best practices in the field of integrity management. The whole event has been designed as a mutual learning and debating space, where various organisations (companies, international institutions, national offices and specialized NGOs) can share their experiences and lessons learned in the process of building a culture of integrity.

The Most Selective Event
It is an event where structured knowledge and experience go together. Expertise is the main focus at all Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum. People come to get inspired by the experiences of other professionals and organisations and / or certify that what they have already done in their own organisations is sound. 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum will host 12 experts in Ethics & Compliance or connected areas of professional practice. They will speak on 4 top critical issues for business organisations in Romania: (i) . Managing Ethics & Compliance Risks Effectively; (ii) Corruption and Fraud Prevention in Business; (iii) Challenging the Organizational Culture; and (iv) Ethics & Compliance Metrics & Reporting.

A Stronger Professional Community
The Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum puts together not only ideas, best practices and knowledge in general, but also people. This series of annual events serve as the main point of gathering for Romanian integrity management specialists. We are convinced that a stronger professional community can serve as a catalyst for professional advancements as well as a higher level of professional integrity.

This is a high level event opened to those professionals directly or indirectly involved in promoting integrity in organizations and professions. If you are a member of any of the categories below, you do not want to miss 2016 Romanian Ethics & Compliance Forum.
• Ethics & Compliance Officers – Chief Ethics & Compliance Officers
• Compliance Officers – Compliance Specialists
• Lawyers / Attorneys – Legal Counselors – Compliance Lawyers
• Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
• Fraud Prevention Officers
• Risk Officers – Risk Consultants
• Internal Control Specialists
• Integrity Officers – Anti-Corruption Officers
• Ethics Counselors
• Auditors (Risk / Ethics & Compliance / Compliance)
• Human Resources Managers / Officers / Specialists
• Financial Experts
• Personnel of national offices for Money Laundering Prevention, Anti-Corruption Fighting, Justice, Social Responsibility, Labour and Equal Opportunities, Fiscal Administration
• Social Responsibility Specialists – Sustainability Specialists – Community Affairs Specialists – Philanthropy Specialists
• Social Auditors – Supply Chain Auditors
• Independent consultants in any of the above fields

Bogdan Chirițoiu (Competition Council)
Adrian Baboi Stroe (Ministry of Justice)
Cornel Călinescu (Oficiul Național de Prevenire a Criminalității și Cooperare pentru Recuperarea Creanțelor)
Neil Farquhar (Bureau Van Dijk)
Oana Raluca Bănăţeanu (Siemens Romania)
Neil McGregor (McGregor & Partners; British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce)
Charles Vernon (Vernon | David)
Mihai Popa (Bayer Romania)
Cornelia Preda (AbbVie Romania)
Doru Bulată (Transfond)
Virgil Tacu (Omniasig)
Raluca Vasilache (Țuca Zbârcea & Associates)
Magda Calangiu (BRD Societe Generale)
Dan Zaharescu (ARPIM)
Cristian Ducu (CARMAE)
Livia Zamfiropol (Partener, DLA Piper România)

Full list is available on RECF website: http://forum.ethics-compliance.eu/

Our participants come from various industries: from Pharma to Banking, from Oil & Gas to Retail, from Automotive to Telecom, from FMCG to Real Estate. We also have participants from public institution that deal with integrity in the business sector. The best mix of professionals to strengthen your network.

If you want to participate in this event, visit the conference website and register on-line. If your organisation is member of any of the bilateral chambers of commerce or professional association, then you get a consistent discount.

For any inquiries concerning this event, write at recf@etica-aplicata.ro

08:30–09:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
09:00–10:30 SESSION 1 “Corruption and Fraud Prevention in Business”
10:30–10:45 Coffee Break
10:45–12:15 SESSION 2 “Due Diligence and Ethics & Compliance Metrics & Reporting”
12:15–13:30 Networking Lunch
13:30–15:00 SESSION 3 “Challenging the Organizational Culture”
15:00–15:15 Coffee Break
15:15–16:45 SESSION 4 “Managing Ethics & Compliance Risks Effectively”

You can access the final agenda here and here. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Simona Mehedintu, Communication Coordinator – Mobile: +4 075 634 6496; E-mail: recf@etica-aplicata.ro

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