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Brexit: Legal Consequences for the EU / September 28-29, 2017, Brussels

Academy of European Law organizes the seminar

Brexit: Legal Consequences for the EU


September 28-29, 2017

With the Article 50 TEU notification of the UK’s intention to withdraw from membership of the EU on 29 March 2017, the process of Brexit began. This conference aims to provide participants with an overview of its legal consequences for the EU.

Key topics
Legal framework of Brexit
Negotiations on Brexit
Legal issues for the negotiations such as:
– free movement of persons
– mutual financial claims
– dispute-settling

Who should attend?
EU officials, national civil servants, ministry officials, academics, lawyers in private practice and in-house counsel, NGOs, members of the judiciary.

* for more information: +49 (0)651 937 37 401, Karolina Rokicka, Head of Section – Public Law

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