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The 20th Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law / July 22-28, 2018, Fukuoka

International Academy of Comparative Law organizes

The 20th Congress of the International Academy of Comparative Law

Fukuoka, Kyushu University Ito Campus “Shiiki-Hall”

July 22-28, 2018

I. General Topics
Comparative Law and multicultural legal classes: challenge or opportunity?, Csaba Varga, Budapest
Property meeting the challenge of the “commons”, Ugo Mattei, Turin
The UNIDROIT Principles as a common frame of reference for the uniform interpretation of national laws, Alejandro M. Garro, New York, José A. Moreno Rodríguez, Asunción
Bilingual legal education: The need and the challenges, Nicolás Etcheverry Estrázulas, Montevideo
Conditions of the recognition of the civil status of transsexual and transgender people, Isabel Jaramillo Sierra, Bogotá
Compensation schemes for damages caused by healthcare and alternatives to court proceedings, Dobrochna Bach-Golecka, Warsaw
Multicultural challenges in Family Law, Nadjma Yassari, Hamburg, Marie-Claire Foblets, Halle (Saale)
Information obligations and disinformation of consumers, Gert Straetmans, Antwerp
Optional choice of courts agreements, Mary Keyes, Nathan
Private International Law for corporate social responsibility, Catherine Kessedjian, Paris
The anti-suit injunction in arbitral and judicial procedures, Filip De Ly, Rotterdam
Control of price terms in standard contracts terms, Yesim Atamer, Istanbul, Pascal Pichonaz, Fribourg
Groups of companies, Rafael Manóvil, Buenos Aires
Legal regulation of crowdfunding, Caroline Kleiner, Strasbourg
Security rights on Intellectual Property, Eva-Maria Kieninger, Würzburg
The role of collective bargaining in labour law regimes, Ulla Liukkunen, Helsinki
Legal aspects of cruises, Cecilia Fresnedo de Aguirre, Montevideo
The fight against poverty and the right to development, Mads Andenas, Oslo, Jeremy Perelman, Paris
Formal and informal constitutional amendment, Mortimer Sellers, Baltimore
Reconciling legal pluralism and constitutionalism: new trajectories for legal theory in the global age, Guillaume Tusseau, Paris
The right to be forgotten, Franz Werro, Fribourg & Washington DC
Deference to the Administration in judicial review, Zhu Guobin, Hong Kong
Juvenile delinquency under recent developments in children’s rights : Child as perpetrator and victim of criminal offences, Julia Sloth-Nielsen, Belville & Leiden
Confidentiality of correspondence with counsel as necessary requirement of the right to a fair trial, Lorena Bachmaier, Madrid, Stephan C. Thaman, Saint Louis
Data protection in the internet, Dario Moura Vicente, Sofia de Vasconcelos Casimiro, Lisbon
Legal aspects of genetic testing regarding insurance and employment, Lara Khoury, Montréal
Adelle Blackett, Montréal,
The market in legal services and conveyancing, Andrea Fusaro, Genoa
Climate change and the individual, Makane M. Mbengue, Geneva, Franceso Sindico, Glasgow
Solidarity across generations, Eri Kasagi, Bordeaux

II. Workshops
1. International judicial assistance in cross-border insolvencies: the enactment of the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross Border Insolvency by national legislatures and its application by national courts
Conveners: Jenny Clift & Kate Lannan, UNCITRAL, Vienna
2. Solving conflicts through administrative procedure − Citizen participation, its judicial review, alternative dispute resolution
Convener: Hermann Pünder, Hamburg
3. Conflicts of jurisdiction in criminal matters and double jeopardy protection (Workshop offered by the International Association of Penal Law)
Conveners: John A.E. Vervaele, Utrecht & Katalin Ligeti, Luxembourg

III. Round Tables
1. Remembering H. Patrick Glenn
2. Law and religion: the perspective of the inter-religious dialogue
3. The refugee admission – How do the national legal systems respond?
4. Commercial arbitration: an autonomous transnational legal order?

IV. Luncheon Meetings
1. The Hague Conference’s mission in the next 25 years (Round Table)
Convener: Anselmo Reyes, Hong Kong
2. Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in ASEAN, Australia, China, India, Japan and South Korea
Convener: Adeline Chong, Singapore
3. Southeast Asian perspectives of Comparative Law
Conveners: Gary Bell, Singapore & Topo Santoso, Jakarta
4. Small States
Conveners: Tony Angelo, Wellington & Jennifer Corrin, Brisbane
5. Mixed legal systems
Convener: Yasunori Kasai, Tokyo, Thomas Bennett, Cape Town & John Cairns, Edinburgh
6. What future for investment arbitration?
Conveners: Luke Nottage, Sydney, Marilda Rosado, Rio de Janeiro & Francis Botchway, Qatar
7. Asian Principles on Private International Law
Conveners: Naoshi Takasugi, Kyoto, Suk Kwang Hyun, Seoul & Chen Weizuo, Beijing
8. Independent Directors in Asia: a deceptively complex legal transplant
Conveners: TbC
9. Autonomous driving
Convener : Shinto Teramoto (Fukuoka)

V. Congress in Congress: New Technology, the Innovation Economy and the Law
Convener: Toshiyuki Kono, Fukuoka
1. Data/information/ knowledge-related fields and Law
Session chaired by Prof. Nikolaus Forgo, Hannover/ Vienna
2. Sharing Economy
Session chaired by Prof. Shinto Teramoto, Fukuoka
3. Autonomous driving
Session chaired by Prof. Shinto Teramoto, Fukuoka
4. There is No Escape from LegalTech and Artificial Intelligence
Session chaired by Prof. Erik Vermeulen, Tilburg

VI. Younger Scholars Forum in Comparative Law
Convener: Richard Albert, Boston
Workshop 1: The Separation of Powers and its Challenges in Comparative Perspectives
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Mortimer Sellers, Baltimore
Moderators: Daniel Wunder Hachem, Curitiba & Ren Yatsunami, Kyushu
Workshop 2: Populism and Comparative Approaches to Democratic Theory
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Oran Doyle, Dublin
Moderators: Cristina Fasone, Rome & Yaniv Roznai, Herzliya
Workshop 3: Comparative Public and Private Law Responses to Religious Diversity
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Michel Rosenfeld, New York
Moderators: Jaclyn Neo, Singapour & Ioanna Tourkochoriti, Galway
Workshop 4: Defences to Liability: Philosophy and Doctrine
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: C.M.D.S. Pavillon, Groningen
Moderators: Cora Chan, Hong-Kong, Eduardo Ferreira Jordão, Rio
Workshop 5: Technology and Innovation: Challenges for Traditional Legal Boundaries
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Sofia Ranchordás, Leiden
Moderators: Catalina Goanta, Maastricht & András Koltay, Budapest
Workshop 6: Migration and Asylum: Comparative Approaches and the Need for Harmonizing Regimes
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Adelle Blackett, Montréal
Moderators: Asha Asha, Kaushal, Vancouver & Dimitry Kochenov, Groningen
Workshop 7: Misuses of Power in Both Private and Public Law: Dual Perspectives on Corruption
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Geneviève Cartier, Sherbrooke
Moderators: Sebastián Paredes, Buenos Aires & Maxime St-Hilaire, Sherbrooke
Workshop 8: Methodological Approaches to Comparative Constitutional Law: Evolutions and Revolutions
Distinguished Provocateur-Discussant: Guillaume Tusseau, Paris
Moderators: Luisa Fernanda García López, Bogotá & Tomasz Koncewicz, Dantzig
Speakers’ Corner : program to be confirmed

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