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Law, Justice and Development Week 2018 / November 5-9, 2018, Washington DC

World Bank Group organizes

Law, Justice and Development Week 2018

– Rights, Protection and Development –

Washington DC

November 5-9, 2018

The Law, Justice and Development Week 2018 will:
– Explore the link between rights and protection to economically empower disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and groups.
– Examine how upholding rights and protection may affect development outcomes, especially in fragile contexts, and how such approach may contribute to reducing poverty and boosting prosperity with a focus on the impact for refugees.
– Identify the role multilateral institutions, non-governmental organizations and the private sector may play in advancing rights and protection.

As the burgeoning development agenda is shaped by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the World Bank Group must strengthen its understanding of relevant normative principles and applicable legal obligations. Peace, stability, human rights, accountable institutions and effective governance based on the rule of law are the sine qua non of sustainable development and are at the crux of the Bank’s development agenda. This development agenda cannot however be accomplished and the Bank’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity cannot be met without close collaboration among a plethora of diverse actors in the public as well as private sectors.

The Bank has for decades been expanding its collaboration with other regional banks and international financial institutions (IFIs) to tackle the grappling consequences of indigence, fragility, conflict and violence (FCV) and other related hardships. Adoption of the SDGs in 2015 has further deepened and matured in an historic partnership between the Bank and the UN and other stakeholders to support Member States and contribute to effective development outcomes. While, the recently launched Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) platform to coordinate support for economic migration and forced displacement is yet another impetus to acknowledge the indispensable nexus of rights and protection with relevant normative principles and applicable legal obligations.

In addition to public resources, the Bank has continually been looking for novel ways to crowd in private sector investment. Among them, the Bank’s Maximizing Finance for Development (MFD) approach entails leveraging the private sector in ways that optimize the use of scarce public resources. Private institutional investors continue to recognize the importance of rights and protection in development through the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investing. At the same time, rights and protection are weighing more into investment considerations due to the opportunities they yield as well as the risks they pose.

While rights and protection are fittingly the focus of the 2018 LJD Week, combining increased private sector interest in responsible investing with the Bank’s MFD approach serve as the backdrop for LJD Week 2018.

Knowledge and experience sharing, engagement, exploration and dialogue around issues of mutual interest are at the core of the LJD Week. We will have an emphasis on interactive, audience-engaging sessions that will be live on social media. The majority of LJD Week 2018 sessions will take place in shorter, more digestible formats. The Bank will be hosting a Digital Media Zone (DMZ), that is a digital social media platform as well as a physical location at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C. DMZ sessions are slated to be 30 minutes long to allow for fast-paced knowledge and information sharing. There will also be selected panel discussions, poster displays, and question & answer sessions.

Registration will be open on August 1, 2018 and will close on October 22, 2018 for all participants. Onsite registration will be available starting on November 5, 2018.

* for more details: ljdweek@worldbank.org

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