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Slavic Officers’ Meeting IV / November 30, 2018, Bucharest

ELSA Bucharest organises

Slavic Officers’ Meeting IV


November 30, 2018

Dear Slavs,
We know you’ve waited impatiently for some news. But guess what? The wait is over. We’re glad to inform you that this year ELSA Bucharest will be hosting one of the most beloved international events- IV Slavic Officers’ Meeting.

IV Slavic Officers’ Meeting is an international conference connecting ELSA officers from 14 countries. The Slavs share historical backgrounds and a lot of the same cultural traits which gives us the opportunity to collaborate, cooperate and discuss in a regional meeting, managing to develop an international network with a high level of knowledge.

The 4th edition of this highly expected regional event will be the first one to offer a pre- and after SOM experience, during which you will get a touristic insight of some well-known parts of our capital city, Bucharest.

We have prepared a lot of surprises for you, so stay tuned, because soon we will come back with more info. Until then, tell your friends about it! We promise you, it will be aweSOMe!
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