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Working Romania / November 12, 2019, Bucharest

Business Review organises

Working Romania

Bucharest, Courtyard by Marriott Floreasca

November 12, 2019

Media Partner: JURIDICE.ro

Business Review’s Working Romania continues the conversation on the new trends that challenge the leading local human resources industry.

We uncover ways of navigating the changes affecting the way people work and best recruitment practices in order to attract and retain top talent.

Companies seeking highly qualified employees are developing sophisticated strategies that help them meet the needs and expectations of young employees – customizing office space, offering unique benefits, high salaries and flexible schedules or integrating new technologies that can improve employee experience.


with +150 professionals, developments experts and business leaders and grow your professional network

and recharge with senior leaders who have a major role in helping businesses anticipate and adapt to the changing workforce needs.

practical case studies and research solutions from inspiring speakers from across all industries and sectors, all under one roof.

In a daring attempt to cover the Romanian recruiting phenomenon, from the basics – work skills and ethics that are or should be nurtured in school – to the digital processes that empower recruiters to perfectly match talents with employer brands as well as data and marketing strategies to understand future employees, Business Review is proud to welcome guest speakers who will share opinions, trends, as well as behind-the-scene insights.

Giant tech companies, state-of-the-art co-working spaces or start-ups working their way up the career ladder, they all find it highly challenging to find smart, innovative and educated employees. #WorkingRomania brings together the highly-skilled and successful HR professionals who find the best jobs for the talented, but scarce and picky labor force.

Join us and major stakeholders in the HR sector, including state officials and representatives of major companies, on November 12, at Courtyard by Marriott Bucharest Floreasca.

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