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Legal 500 GC Summit Romania / May 21, 2020, Bucharest

The Legal 500 organises

Legal 500 GC Summit Romania

Bucharest, Stejarii Country Club

May 21, 2020

Media Partner: JURIDICE.ro

08:00-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:05 Opening Remarks

09:05 Morning Keynotes: The Evolution of the GC Mission

Before becoming CEO’s these outstanding legal experts were General Counsels and after numerous years in their respective companies they have achieved the place that many of you are about to get or want to reach but still cannot find the right moment to leap. Find out why in today’s world the General Counsel is in a better position as a potential successor for the Chief Executive Officer.

09:05-09:25 Discover the impact of Lawyer CEOs on the performance of a business

Know the tools and strategies that makes legal counsels CEOs material and how you can prepare yourself and your team for the job

09:30-09:50 Are the GCs of today ready to become the CEOs of the 21st century?

Why the board don’t see you as being great material for chief executive roles or even a non-executive director and how can we change their perception?

09:55-10:40 Panel 1: Navigating the digital economy: Disruptive innovation and the future of legal services (Tuca Zbarcea Asociatii)

As an increasing number of business look to AI, digitalisation, blockchain, and a range of other new technologies to drive profits, we ask what disruptive innovation means for GCs and their advisers. Are GCs and law firms equipped with the relevant skills to help their businesses move fully into the digital economy and drive transformational change? And should legal teams and law firms look to structure themselves in response to the new business environment?

Moderator: TBD

10:40-10:55 Networking Interlude & Coffee

10:55-11:40 Panel 2: Legal technology: A buyers’ guide (Schoenherr)

Every GC wants to buy legal tech, but many hold off for fear of getting burned. In this session we hear from GCs and law firm partners who have successfully introduced legal tech to find out how to identify the right tools for your team, and use them effectively.

Moderator: TBD

11:45-12:30 Panel 3: what do clients want from their law firms? (NNDKP)

The development of in-house teams in advanced markets is posing an existential threat to law firms. In a world where the primary purchasers of legal services are employing an increasing number of highly-qualified lawyers, and coming under ever greater pressure from business to refresh procurement models what can law firms do to keep winning business? Our panel of leading GCs give their verdict on what they want to see from their external advisers, from proposing new ways of staffing matters to working with technology providers and specialising in niche areas of law.

Moderator: TBD

12:35-13:20 Panel 4: From risk hunter to a tactical adviser: The role of professional advisers in crisis management (Mares & Mares)

In this session we will explore how GCs and their external advisers can join together to plan an effective response to a corporate crisis. The session will look at practical strategies to manage different stakeholders in a range of crisis situations and deliver war stories that contain lessons for all GCs.

Moderator: TBD

13:20-14:20 Networking Lunch

14:20-15:05 Panel 5: How professional associations could be a good channel for disseminating competition law compliance knowledge (MPR Partners)

The RCC believes that meetings between competitors from professional associations are risky but necessary for accomplishing the association’s goals. On this panel session our legal experts give their opinion on the main types of anticompetitive behaviour involving professional associations and how legal teams and law firms can prepare themselves to prevent anticompetitive practices.

– is this an instrument to prevent rather than to “punish”? How can the dialogue be started – Competition sanctions: educational tool versus “punishment” instrument?

15:10 Fireside Chat: From GC to CEO (Dentons)

As a growing number of GCs are granted P&L responsibility within their organisations, we ask what they can do to break through the glass ceiling and ascend to the role of chief executive. We will hear the thoughts of senior business figures and a leading executive recruiter on how GCs should position themselves to land the top job.

15:55-16:00 Closing Remarks
16:00 Onwards: Drinks reception

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