British Law Centre – Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (2023-24)

British Law Centre co-organises with the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Law

Academic Course

British Law Centre – Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (2023-24)


The British Law Centre (BLC) teaches the Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills at a range of locations throughout Central and Eastern Europe, including Bucharest. The Diploma is co-organised with Bucharest University, Faculty of Law.

The BLC is an educational project which began in 1992 as a joint venture between the University of Cambridge and the University of Warsaw. It is now coordinated by a dedicated educational charity, Juris Angliae Scientia (JAS), which accredits the Diploma. JAS’s trustees include senior academic members of Cambridge University’s Faculty of Law, including Professor Richard Fentiman. The Chair of JAS’s members is Lord Carnwath, former justice of the UK Supreme Court.

The Diploma teaches core elements of English law (inc. contract, tort and trusts) and a range of legal skills (inc. case management, legal writing, contract drafting, oral advocacy etc.)

The Diploma is delivered by an experienced team of native-speaking lawyers and academics, via a mixture of online lectures and written materials, plus monthly small-group classes and workshops which happen in Bucharest on Saturdays (10:00-14:00). The first meeting in Bucharest is on Saturday 21st October 2023. Later meetings happen monthly until June 2024. See here for the Bucharest classes timetable.

The Diploma involves:

  • Over 100 hours of pre-recorded lectures (available via a dedicated website)
  • 8 x 4hrs of small-group live classes (i.e. 32 hours)
  • Additional voluntary workshops, live lectures, skills-development sessions etc.

For further details, see here or watch the DELLS course video.

Also, see our website at:

Fees: Full-time University students pay €660, Non-students pay €860 (an additional fee of €150 is payable to the University of Bucharest, as co-organiser and local host of the course).


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