Conceptualising vulnerability in a time of human rights regression / 13th -14th November 2023, University of Padova

Conceptualising vulnerability in a time of human rights regression

13th -14th November 2023

University of Padova

Programme of the Conference

Monday 13 November 2023

Archivio Antico, Palazzo Bo, University of Padova

9:30 – 10:00

Salutation and Short Introduction
Monica Fedeli, Vice-Rector for Third Mission and Relations with the local area, University of Padova
Marco Mascia, President of the Human Rights Centre „Antonio Papisca”,  University of Padova
Pietro de Perini, Coordinator of the Conference’s Scientific CommitteeUniversity of Padova 


Opening Plenary Session
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Conceptualising Vulnerability in a Time of Human Rights Regression

Chair: Elena Pariotti, University of Padova
Baldassare Pastore, University of Ferrara
Mariagrazia Giammarinaro, former UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children
Jeremy Sarkin, NOVA University of Lisbon
Roberto De Vogli, University of Padova

Lunch break

Human Rights Centre „Antonio Papisca”, Via Beato Pellegrino 28, University of Padova

14:15 – 16:00

Research Panels – Session 1

Panel 1
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Exploring the Intersections of Human Rights, Marginalisation, and Vulnerability

Chair: Peter Johansson, University of Gothenburg
Ludovica Aricò, University of Padova: The Fight against Child Labour: the challenges posed by Northern Ethnocentrism
Vincenzo Pasquantonio, University of London: Sociolegal constraints on local human rights institutions: Why local human rights institutions fail to protect residents in the Deep South Region of the United States
Phuc Van Nguyen, University of Macerata: Legal Silence and the Concept of Law Regarding Gay People in Vietnam
Carlotta Rossato, University of Padova: Vulnerability and International justice: access to justice for survivors of international crimes in the context of universal jurisdiction prosecutions
John Duncan, University of London: Contesting Commodification: Can human rights challenge Neoliberal conditions of human vulnerability

Panel 2
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Vulnerability and the Ecosystem

Chairs: Damien Short, University of London and Kate Mackintosh, UCLA Law Promise Institute Europe
Sarah Capes, University of London: A cautionary word on words: Imagining Indigeneity in globalised environmental discourse
Kate Mackintosh, UCLA Law Promise Institute Europe: Ecocide in armed conflict – addressing extreme vulnerability through law
Emma Pearce, University of London: Settler colonialism and the environment in Al-Walaja, Palestine
Malayna Raftopoulos, Aalborg University: In the Defence of Place: The Anti-Fracking Movement in the Provinces of Mendoza and Neuquén, Argentina
Doug Specht, University of Westminster: The self(ie) in the Anthropocene

Panel 3
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Vulnerability and Armed Conflicts

Chair: Gerd Oberleitner, University of Graz 
Anna Adamska-Gallant, Wroclaw University: Shielding the Vulnerable: Justice System Reforms for Conflict and Human Rights Challenges
Dide Ertuğrul, Save the Children and Hande Büyüknisan, International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD): Vulnerability to Gender-Based Violence in the Aftermath of Earthquakes: Lessons from Turkey
Carlos Arturo Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, University of Padova: The Peace that could have been? Power and limits of transformative justice to tackle vulnerability in the Colombian transition
Erika Miyamoto, University of Barcelona: Towards Sustainable Peace: Protecting Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights of Victims of Gender-Based Violence in Post-Conflict
Abdulaziz Osman, UNAMID and UNFPA in Darfur, Sudan and Maria Nilsson, Linköping University: Fragile Rights and Humanitarian Needs in and around Sudan and Darfur – Could Responsibilities Become Clearer?
Sara Yildiz, UNED: Urban Warfare’s Costs: Vulnerabilities of Civilian Populations and the Shortcomings of International Humanitarian Law

16:15 -18:00

Human Rights Centre „Antonio Papisca”, Via Beato Pellegrino 28, University of Padova

Research Panels – Session 2

Panel 4
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Vulnerability and Migration

Chair: Magdalena Ratajczack, University of Wroclav
Abiy Alemu Ashenafi, Centre for Human Rights, Pretoria: Reconsidering the legal protection of refugee women’s right to housing under the CEDAW
Elizabeth Salley, Saint Louis University: Reaching Actualization After Resettlement: A Grounded Theory Method and Geospatial Analysis of Afghan Integration in the Midwest United States
Jessica Moss, Leipzig University, Wroclaw University: Sexual and Gendered Necropolitics at the U.S.-Mexico Border: ‘Penetrative Threats’ and (Re)production of Nationhood
Marielys Padua Soto, Former Academic Programs Officer for the UN Special Rapporteur on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights: Forced Climate Migration of Indigenous Peoples
Maria Dimou and Erika Oliva, Independent experts: Human trafficking and vulnerability in mixed migrations flows: a case-studies reflection

Panel 5
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Vulnerability in a Legal Context

Chair: Claudia Pividori, University of Padova
Indira Boutier, AMU & University of London: Challenges in Addressing Intersectionality and Vulnerability in the European Court of Human Rights’ Jurisprudence
Carolina Braglia Aloise Bertazolli, Central European University: Vulnerability in the Age of Proportionality: restriction of Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights
Mikaela Heikkilä and Maija Mustaniemi-Laakso, Åbo Akademi University: Approaches to Vulnerability in Times of Crisis
Inessa Sakhno, Utrecht University: One step beyond: How recognition of systemic discrimination by the European Court of Human Rights could tackle vulnerability?

Panel 6
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Vulnerability Human Rights and the Cyberspace

Chair: Pietro de Perini, University of Padova
Malou Beck and Anne Spijkstra, Tilburg University: Vulnerability in the Digital Administrative State
Agatha dos Santos Correia, University of Padova: Vulnerability as a Reflection of Criminogenic Asymmetries in Cyberspace
Kiran Hassan, University of London: Online harassment of women in politics
T. N. Anh Nguyen, University of Padova: Human Rights in Platform Governance: Normative Framework for Gendered Vulnerability
Aleksei Andronov, University of Padova: Algorithmic vulnerability: challenges to human rights in the era of artificial intelligence
Daniel Mihail Șandru and Alexandru Georgescu, Romanian Academy: Safeguarding vulnerable data subjects – the crucial role of GDPR data protection principles

Tuesday 14 November 2023

Archivio Antico, Palazzo Bo, University of Padova

10:00 -12:00

Plenary Round-Table
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Vulnerability in a Time of Human Rights Regression: a Practice-oriented Perspective

Chair: Paolo De Stefani, University of Padova
Anna Brambilla, Association for Juridical Studies on Immigration (ASGI)
Piergiuseppe Parisi, Centre for Applied Human Rights, University of York
Aleksandr Osinskyy, UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, South Sudan
Kiran Hassan, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London
Corrado Mandreoli, ResQ – people saving people

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