The Legal 500. GC Summit Romania / 16 April 2024, Bucharest

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GC Summit Romania

16 April 2023

1:00pm – 8:00pm

InterContinental Athénée Palace, Episcopiei 1-3, Bucharest

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The Legal 500 is delighted to announce the second edition of the GC Summit in Romania, taking place on the 16th of April at the prestigious InterContinental Athénée Palace in Bucharest. Proudly presented in collaboration with D&B David si Baias SCA, CMS, PNSA, Mares & Mares, and Albu Morar, this summit will bring together corporate counsel from across Romania to explore contemporary issues impacting Romanian legal professionals, as well as the broader landscape for Romanian business and foreign investment.

Esteemed panelists will delve into topics such as Legal Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, White Collar Crime and more. The discussions will shed light on the challenges faced by in-house counsel in Romania and the opportunities emerging in the current market.

With Romania standing as one of the most open market economies in Europe, the past decade has seen the implementation of significant economic reforms, positioning the country for a new era of prosperity. Our expert panels will feature leading Romanian legal minds, providing invaluable insights into the critical factors affecting in-house counsel.

*Kindly note that due to capacity limitations, spaces are being prioritised for General Counsel and Heads of Legal.


1.00pm – 2.00pm Registration and lunch

2.00pm – 2.10pm Welcome address and keynote

2.10pm – 2.55pm Legal services powered by technology

Legal services continue to be essential to businesses, even more so in the face of the current avalanche of new regulations, rethinking of business models, and repositioning the companies within the society. Technology evolution challenges general counsels to find new ways of delivering value to companies and of working with legal services suppliers, such as law firms. From legal compliance to expert advice, technology impacts the full spectrum of legal services, albeit in different ways. Studies find that relationships remain at the core of quality legal services, as provided by both general counsels and lawyers alike. At the same time, technology is recognized as bringing efficiency in project management and legal updates.

– GenAI and automation are the buzzwords for legal technology.
– GenAI promises to empower lawyers to deliver impeccable work, faster, as well as to deliver greater growth and value for the wider organization. Is AI already changing the way in which GCs and lawyers work? Or will it do so in a couple of years?
– Can general counsels and legal departments acquire and provide legal compliance services via self-service platforms?
– Are today’s automation tools worth investing in for legal departments and law firms?
– How can the right data management allow legal departments to bring more value to business?
– Balancing local teams’ understanding of their specific environments with the benefits of centralized services can significantly enhance legal support for groups of companies.

Moderator: Sorin David, managing partner, D&B Law Firm
Alina Dumitrascu, head of legal and corporate affairs, PPC Romania
Mihai Rotaru, deputy head of legal division, Banca Transylvania
Filip Neagu, general counsel, OMV Petrom
Maria Maxim, legal and compliance director, Lidl România

2.55pm – 3.20pm Strategic Legal Team Management: Navigating Modern Tactics and Industry Expertise
Join us for an insightful panel discussion where in-house legal counsel experts delve into the latest tactics shaping legal team management. In an era defined by dynamic legal landscapes and evolving industry norms, our panellists will draw upon their extensive industry expertise to explore innovative approaches to managing legal teams effectively.

Key Topics:
– Agile Legal Operations: Discover how in-house legal teams are adopting agile methodologies to enhance responsiveness and adaptability in an ever-changing legal environment.
– Technology Integration: Explore the role of cutting-edge technologies in optimizing legal workflows, from AI-powered contract review to streamlined case management systems.
– Strategic Talent Acquisition and Development: Learn how industry-leading legal teams attract and nurture top talent, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth.
– Compliance and Risk Management: Understand how legal teams stay ahead of regulatory changes, mitigate risks, and ensure compliance in an era of heightened scrutiny.
– Data-Driven Decision-Making: Explore the use of data analytics in legal team management, from predicting case outcomes to optimizing resource allocation for maximum efficiency.
– Collaboration in Virtual Workspaces: Gain insights into fostering effective collaboration within legal teams in the age of remote work, leveraging digital tools and communication strategies.

Our panellists, drawn from diverse sectors and armed with the latest industry knowledge, will share practical experiences, success stories, and lessons learned. Don’t miss this opportunity to stay at the forefront of legal team management, as our experts unveil strategies to thrive in the fast-paced and ever-evolving legal landscape

Ana Radnev, partner, CMS

3.20pm – 3.35pm Coffee break

3.35pm – 4.20pm Management of the Client-Regulator Interface – a Romanian legal counsel approach
Handling the relation with Romanian regulatory and control bodies remains a challenge even to the most experienced lawyers in the market.

Certain industries and economic sectors encounter unique challenges stemming from a multitude of evolving regulations swiftly implemented by the appropriate regulatory bodies. Energy, Oil and Gas, Natural Resources, IT&C, Public Sectors, Financial Field and Markets Regulation and Control represent key areas where businesses’ interactions with regulators require legal support in virtually every transaction. Lack of strategic planning and the absence of predictability or transparency in sector regulation contribute an additional layer of complexity to the required legal work. Recent catch all type of regulations on screening and clearing FDI complicate matters even more.

Legal counsel’s ability to anticipate unfavourable and unpredictable changes by regulatory bodies, coupled with their skills navigating a dynamic and treacherous regulatory landscape may serve as a pivotal distinguishing factor among market players.

Investigative processes, either conducted by a sector regulator – the energy market being one, or by a larger scope regulator – such as competition and antitrust, demand special legal project management. It is not uncommon for businesses that lack legal counsel during investigations and regulatory scrutiny to be subjected to mistreatment or biased treatment. Utilising provisional measures for defence or seeking urgent court interventions are fundamental protection tools recommended for attorney assisting the client in navigating regulatory interfaces. Judicialization of the client-regulator relation is a key paradigm of the underlying interaction.

Judicial review, including extraordinary means of higher appeal, annulment motions or exceptional review procedures, constitutes one key element of the lawyer’s tool kit assisting the client-regulator interface.

Moderator: Florian Nitu, managing partner, POPOVICI NIŢU STOICA & ASOCIAŢII
Livia (Tulea) Dumitrescu, head of legal, Franklin Templeton
Bianca Stamatoiu, head of legal, AFI Europe Romania

4.20pm – 5.05pm Unveiling Strategies for Asset Recovery in White-Collar Crime: A Panel Discussion
Join us for an insightful panel discussion on strategies for recovering assets and navigating the legal intricacies involved in forfeiting ill-gotten gains from white-collar crimes. Legal experts, including specialists in asset recovery and international perspectives, will share effective strategies, real-world case studies, and challenges in the field. Gain valuable insights into financial institutions’ roles, collaborative efforts with law enforcement, and regulatory measures to prevent money laundering. This comprehensive discussion, moderated by an experienced facilitator, offers a global perspective and firsthand experiences from the front lines of prosecuting white-collar crimes.

Moderator: Mihai Mares, managing partner, Mares & Mares
Bogdan Plesuvescu, executive director, chief legal officer, Banca Transylvania
Mihai-George Popa, corporate legal director, E.ON Romania
Traian Badescu, senior associate, Mares & Mares

5.05pm – 5.20pm Coffee break

5.20pm – 5.45pm Navigating the Legal Landscape in Cybersecurity: Unravelling the Complexities
Romania’s cybersecurity scene is advancing rapidly, presenting both technological prowess and legal complexities. This panel explores the state of cybersecurity in Romania, focusing on the legal challenges and opportunities confronting in-house counsel.

Romania stands as a prominent player in European cybersecurity with a robust technological foundation. However, the digital strides bring legal challenges that demand the attention of in-house counsel. The escalating threat landscape requires legal teams to navigate compliance, data protection, and privacy laws to shield organizations from cyber threats.

Additionally, Romania is continuously updating its national cybersecurity framework, requiring legal teams to adapt strategies to align with evolving standards.

Opportunities for in-house counsel lie in actively shaping robust cybersecurity strategies that seamlessly integrate legal compliance. Collaboration with IT and security teams is crucial for developing comprehensive cybersecurity policies and incident response plans. A proactive approach empowers legal professionals not only to address challenges but also to contribute to overall organizational cyber resilience.

In essence, the cybersecurity legal terrain in Romania poses both challenges and opportunities. The upcoming panel session will shed light on this dynamic landscape, featuring top in-house counsel and other experts closely aligned with their legal teams. These professionals play a pivotal role in maneuvering through legal intricacies, ensuring organizations proactively address cyber threats, and adopting legal strategies that fortify cybersecurity resilience.

Gabriel Albu, managing partner, Albu Morar
Gabriela Popescu, corporate, external and legal affairs head, Central Europe, Microsoft

5.45pm  – 6.30pm Employment Law Dynamics in Romania: Navigating Regulations, Challenges, and Advantages
In Romania, the realm of employment law is undergoing continuous evolution, presenting a spectrum of challenges and opportunities for employers and their legal teams. This overview explores the pivotal role of in-house counsel in maneuvering through the complexities of employment law, amidst recent regulatory shifts in Romania. It delves into the impact of these regulations, the ensuing challenges faced by employers, and the emerging opportunities for both local employees and expatriates. From interpreting new legislation to addressing disputes and fostering inclusivity, in-house counsel plays a critical role in ensuring legal compliance and nurturing a conducive workplace environment.

These topics will be further dissected and discussed in a panel session featuring legal experts from the in-house community and private practice. The session aims to provide deeper insights into the evolving landscape of employment law in Romania and the strategic imperatives for legal teams to navigate these changes effectively, fostering growth and success in the dynamic Romanian market.

Ancuța Pop, partner, IJDELEA & Associates

6.30pm – 6.55pm Panel 3

Moderator: Daria Niculcea, executive director,

6.55pm – 7.00pm Closing remarks
7.00pm – 8.00pm Drinks and networking