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British Law Centre – Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (2021-22)

British Law Centre co-organises with the University of Bucharest

Academic Course

British Law Centre – Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (2021-22)


! Earlybird fee reduction of €75 applies until 30th June

Teaching law and legal skills since 1992
The Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (“DELLS”) commences in October 2021 and last until June 2022.

The Diploma is taught by the British Law Centre (BLC) at a range of locations throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

The British Law Centre is an educational project which began in 1992 as a joint venture between the University of Cambridge and the University of Warsaw. It is now coordinated by a dedicated educational charity, Juris Angliae Scientia (JAS), whose trustees include senior academic members of Cambridge University’s Faculty of Law. The Chair of JAS’s members is Lord Carnwath of the Supreme Court.
For further details, see: https://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/blc/

Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (“DELLS”)
The Diploma in English Law & Legal Skills (“DELLS”) teaches core aspects of English law and helps you to develop a legal skills portfolio including: case management, legal writing, contract drafting, oral advocacy, debating, mooting and numerous other skills that are crucial to anyone planning a career in the law.
DELLS is taught by a mixture of lectures, small-group classes and skills workshops. Participants have access to a wide range of written and audio-visual materials via a dedicated website.

Professional and Dedicated Teaching Team
The course involves:
• Over 100 hours of lectures (online)
• 8 x 4hrs small-group workshops (i.e. 32 hours) delivered at a range of locations or online, as you prefer
• Voluntary additional workshops, skills-development sessions etc.

All lectures, classes and materials are prepared/delivered by experienced, native-speaking lawyers, including academic staff from the University of Cambridge and other leading UK Universities, and senior members of the UK legal professions and judiciary.

BLC teaching staff are available for online consultations and advice even outside regular class times.

For further details, see here or watch the DELLS course video.

English Legal System
Study a truly unique legal system which is, paradoxically, both extremely stable and constantly adapting to newbchallenges. Discover how constitutional and legal problems facing every country can be regulated in ways that are very different to your own legal system. You will not only come to understand the English legal system, but also better understand your own system.

Contract Law
Learn how contracts are negotiated, drafted, concluded, interpreted, modified and terminated. Discover the variety of remedies (both common law and equitable) that are available in the event of a breach of contract. Explore the overlap between contract law and the tort-based law of misrepresentation.

Tort Law
Learn how the various elements of the law of negligence (including: establishing a duty of care; breach of duty; causation; remoteness and full/partial defences) apply in a wide variety of commercial and non-commercial scenarios.

Equity & Trusts Law
Explore a unique aspect of English law which, despite having ancient origins, continues to be extremely relevant and useful in contemporary commercial affairs. The doctrines and remedies stemming from equity span across numerous areas of law, including contract law, property law, company law and finance.

Develop your skills as you learn
Whilst studying English law, you will also develop the following legal skills:
• Litigation/case planning
• Written Advocacy
• Oral Advocacy
• Contract negotiations
• Contract drafting
• Client communications and advice
For further details of the curriculum, see: https://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/about/

Choice of locations or online studies
The BLC operates at various locations. For details of the nearest location to you, see: https://www.britishlawcentre.co.uk/centres/
There is also an option to study the course 100% online.

Plan today for your future professional development
The Diploma starts in October 2021 and finishes in June 2022. To see the dates of our visits to various centres see here.
Within this time, you will dramatically improve:
• your written and spoken English;
• your knowledge of core areas of English substantive law;
• your portfolio of legal skills;
• your further-education and employment prospects

Commercial Law Diploma
Those who successfully complete the DELLS diploma are entitled to join the Commercial Law Diploma (CLD) and specialise further in commercial law and skills.

For further details, see the CLD website or watch the CLD course video.
The CLD is not available to anyone who has not completed the DELLS course.
Full-time students pay €599
Non-students pay €799
An earlybird fee reduction of €75 applies to either fee if paid by 30th June
Fees can be split into 2 instalments (2nd instalment payable in February 2022)
At some BLC locations, the local University also charges a small administration fee. Please view our website or contact us for details.

To apply for DELLS, click here.

For details of the course curriculum, see here or watch the DELLS course video.

To see some of our recommendations, click on the links below:
Professor Catherine Barnard (Cambridge University)
Professor Alison Young (Cambridge University)
Lord Carnwath (UK Supreme Court)
Lord Lloyd Jones (UK Supreme Court)

For full details of our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

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