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Crimes against the cultural heritage / 14 June 2021, Online

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Crimes against the cultural heritage

14 June 2021

4 PM (live on Facebook)


CULTURAL PROPERTY is part of our history and identity and so it also requires appropriate protection from criminals. Trafficking in cultural property can be a low-risk, high-profit business for criminals with links to organized crime.

From stolen artwork to historical artefacts, this crime can affect all countries, either as origin, transit or destinations.

OUR GUEST in this event is Alesia KOUSH, an expert in heritage protection and cultural values education. Alesia is currently a PhD Researcher at the University of Reading, UK, working on the theme “Human rights implications of the illicit trafficking in archaeological heritage: the case study of Iraq”. Additionally, Alesia is active as a Researcher with RASHID International and collaborates in Italy with the CAMNES Centre for Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies.

She also teaches at Master’s programs at the Palazzo Spinelli Institute of Art and Restoration, and collaborates with a number of heritage-related organizations, among whith the UNESCO Office of the Municipality of Florence, Association MUS.E, Rondine Cittadella della Pace and Commission for the Protection of Italian and Foreign Cultural Heritage of the Academy of Arts and Drawings.

– What is cultural heritage
– Our duty and what we should do to protect the cultural objects
– Smart-water protection on cultural objects such as in Iraq, Syria etc.
– The trafficking of cultural objects
– Terrorism and heritage destruction
– Organised crime and cultural objects
– Legislation and the impact of the 5th Money Laundering Directive

LINK TO EVENT: https://fb.me/e/2f02O3WwX

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