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Tax, Law & Lobby | Whistleblower Focus / 20 april 2021, Online

Business Review organises

Tax, Law and Lobby Conference

Whistleblower Focus

20th April 2021


Media partner: JURIDICE.ro

Tax, Law and Lobby Conference, now at its 18th edition, is the landmark event for tax and legal professionals in the Romanian industry, that offers a full perspective regarding the latest fiscal and legislation changes that impact the private sector.

Business Review announces the 18th edition of the Tax, Law & Lobby Conference – Focus on Whistleblowing Regulation, its flagship event that offers a full perspective regarding the latest fiscal and legislation changes that impact the private sector. This year’s edition focuses on the particularities of the future legislation regulating whistleblowing activities in Romania and on how local fiscal authorities are dealing with the huge task ahead, helping Romania’s economy and businesses to fight pandemic crisis outcomes.

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Romania’s economy did fairly well coping with last year’s challenges. What is to be done to keep up with the challenges ahead as the Coronavirus crisis is still ravaging and which are the projected fiscal measures intended to help struggling sectors to survive throughout 2021.

Opening Keynote Speech: Alexandru Nazare (to be confirmed), Minister of Finance

Moderator: Claudiu Vrinceanu
Theodor Artenie, Head of Tax, Noerr;
Andrei Săvescu, Founder, JURIDICE.ro;
Gabriel Tănase, Partner, Technology & Cyber Security, KPMG in Romania.

The new whistleblowing legislation generated an European widespread debate. The two main directions of development are the European one and the American ones, each with its particularities and benefits. What should be the best way to proceed in Romania? We have the arguments from the very people who implemented similar laws in the US and their European counterparts.

Opening Keynote Speech: Stelian Ion, Minister of Justice
Keynote Speech: Chuck Grassley, U.S. Senator
Keynote Speech: Stephen M. Kohn, Chairman, National Whistleblower Center
Keynote Speech: Bradley Birkenfeld, UBS Whistleblower
Fireside chat: George Rotariu, CEO, Bitcoin Romania and Mike Costache.
Keynote Speech: New Policy in Asset Recovery Area: Cornel Virgiliu Călinescu, General Director, National Agency for Administration of Seized Assets (ANABI)
Keynote Speech: Sebastian Burduja, Member of the Romanian Parliament


Panel 1: Financial Rewards for Whistleblowers: Evidences, Arguments & Alternatives
Moderator: Silvia Tabusca, Personal Advisor, Romanian Ministry of Justice
Bogdan Buta, Managing Associate, DLA Piper;
Elena Calistru, President, Funky Citizens;
Irina Lonean, Lead Researcher, Transparency International Romania;
Radu Nicolae, President, Syene Centre for Education;
Cosmin Serbanescu, President, National Institute of Internal Control.

Panel 2: Implementing Proper Whistleblowing Programs in the Private & Public Sectors
Moderator: Michael McNeir, CEO, FORUM Financial Advisory & Training
Oana Piticas, White Collar crime Practice Coordinator, Noerr;
Madalin Enache, Senior Partner, Enache Pirtea & Associate;
Bogdan Fratiloiu, Compliance Value Partner & Data Protection Officer Romania, Roche Pharma and Diagnostics;
Denisa Simion, Manager Forensic and Integrity Services, Ernst & Young;
Simona Vasile, Tax Partner, KPMG US.

Panel 3: Whistleblowing for Change: How Society Wins When Citizens Report Corruption
Moderator: Mark Worth, Executive Director, Whistleblowing International
Stephen M. Kohn, Chairman, National Whistleblower Center;
Giancarlo Spagnolo (PhD, MPhil), Professor of Economics and Senior Researcher at SITE – Stockholm School of Economics;
Chuck Grassley, U.S. Senator;
Bradley Birkenfeld, UBS Whistleblower;
Jane Turner, FBI Whistleblower.

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